Jana Land - portrait and branding photographer in Riga


I strongly believe that every woman is beautiful. Some of you just haven't realized that yet. Let me show you the beauty within you by experiencing the portrait session with me.



Corporate headshots

Individual portraits

Children and families


I am so happy and thankful for being able to experience that kind of photoshoot. It has helped me to get rid of the life-long insecurity of being photographed and opened a completely different view on self-care and myself as a woman.
For the first time in my life I see ME in the photographs! In a way I love myself. The smile on my face is so real now that it reaches the deepest parts of my heart. To love yourself is the highest accomplishment and adventure one can have. It is an incredible feeling I wish for everyone to experience and hold for as long as you can. Thank you!
Having my own head-shot session was such a bliss after a mandatory 10 minute corporate head-shot session at work. I may be a perfectionist but if you do something, then do it right. And beautifully!
I would say that individual portrait session is a warm and caring gift to your soul. It is a moment in time in which you truly are the most important person on earth who is pampered by everyone to make you feel and look gorgeous. This day and emotions remain in your memory forever and can be brought back any day when you look at your stunning photographs.

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